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Why did we start SheCasa? We created SheCasa after we had talked with a couple female friends that went through PIT. We asked where they stayed during training. We found out some stayed on base, some had to come out of pocket to rent an apartment, and some stayed in a crashpad.  We also found out that not all the women wanted to stay in a crashpad with mostly men for multiple different reasons. There wasn't an option for a female crashpad.  We decided it was something we needed to do. We needed to start a crashpad that was designed with women in mind. We contacted our best friends that my husband had known since their USAFA days to see if they wanted to start this business with us. They were in before we had even finished explaining our business plan.


This isn't just a side hustle. I was getting ready to retire from the Air Force. SheCasa has become my passion. We continue to invest in each home to make it better for all our guests and ask for feedback often.  Our newest addition to each of the homes is the Peloton bike. What we didn't expect when we started this business is how close and invested in our guests' careers and lives we would become.  They have really become family.


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