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frequently asked questions

  • Am I allowed to stay off base during my TDY?
    Absolutely! You don't need a non-availability letter to stay off base and you are never required to stay in lodging on base. This means you don't need approval from anybody to stay off base, whether that's leadership at your home base or leadership at your training base. The only restriction you have when staying off base is that the military (think finance/DTS) will only reimburse you up to the allowed lodging per diem rate for your location. If you stay somewhere that charges more than these rates, you will be responsible for the difference when it comes time to file your travel voucher. This won't be an issue at SheCasa because we only charge you your allowed rate. Reference JTR Table 2-14, item 6 in section 020303, paragraph C
  • How much do you charge per night?
    We only charge you your allowed lodging per diem rate so you never pay anything out-of-pocket! If you'd like to see how much per diem is allowed for your TDY location, check at this website: Just select the state you'll be training in from the dropdown menu and ensure the fiscal year is correct, then press "calculate". Find the base you'll be training at and that will show you the lodging per diem and the local meals/incidentals per diem. Keep in mind that the lodging per diem shown is the non-availability rate and the lodging rate on base will most likely be lower.
  • What if my non-availability letter has an expiration date during my stay at SheCasa?
    If you receive a non-availability letter (also known as a Non-A) when you initially show up for your TDY, it will last the duration of your TDY, even if your TDY goes longer than the scheduled dates. You will not be required to check with lodging or another facility with a lower rate after you have already established lodging with the non-availability letter rate. Reference JTR Table 2-14, item 2 in section 020303, paragraph C
  • Can I bring my pets?
    There is one room in each house designated as the pet room. If you are coming TDY with your pet, please contact us and we can decide the best course of action on a case-by-case basis.
  • Do I need to bring anything?
    Not at all! Just bring anything you would normally pack for a trip as if you were staying in a hotel. We provide the furniture, utilites, home appliances, bedding, etc. You can expect to have everything you would have in your own home and if we don't have something you'd expect, let us know! We welcome your feedback and may be able to add your requested items into our standard accommodations.
  • Is SheCasa just for pilots?
    No. We tailored SheCasa to trainees due to the location and the mission of Randolph AFB, Altus AFB, and Little Rock AFB. However, we welcome all officers that would like stay here during their TDY. If you are not here for a training TDY, we do ask that you be respectful to the other tenants that may likely be in an academic-intensive training environment.
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